Book Log 2017


The Dark Forest – Liu Cixin

This book was completely awesome. It’s the second in a series by a Chinese author Liu Cixin and has been an amazing read. I started with the first one last year, mainly because it showed up in a Tor Book Club offering. Each time I’ve finished a book, I’ve immediately purchase the next in the series, including the final book, “Death’s End”, which I’m sure will be showing up on this list soon. I’m not generally a huge sci-fi fan for books, preferring fantasy, but this is one series that I’m very glad that I left my comfortable genre to read. Insightful commentary on the cultural significance of China’s history in relation to events on a global/universal scale. So much thought went into this and it was solidly one of the best trilogies that I’ve ever read. Very curious how it’s going to end, can’t tell what’s coming at all.

Death’s End – Liu Cixin

The last book of the trilogy, this brought the series to a close and what a close it was. One of the things that really struck me was the obvious cynicism which the author has in regards to the way the “universe” treats those living in it. Also of note was the crazy amount of flagrant breaking of universal laws of physics there were in this book, all with justifications that made sense. Especially on seeing the ending, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys very psychological suspense/sci-fi type books. So good!