Guild Wars 2 Living Story Intermission

We take a slight intermission in our normal series that we’ve been doing lately to discuss the newest episode of the Living Story for Guild Wars 2. For those that don’t know, GW2 releases content in an episodic format and is currently in Season 3 dealing with a threat which is quite familiar if you played Guild Wars 1. I finished the story this morning and I have to say, the nostalgia is real. Obviously none of the characters are the same, though there is mention of a deity that I don’t want to see again, but the types of speech, the mantras, the insignias… it’s all so good. I miss the first game still and this story arc with the particular enemy that we are facing right now just screams nostalgia and the feels. I immensely enjoyed this story update and played through the whole thing quite quickly, including 100%’ing the new map and getting quite a few of the achievements, though not quite mastery yet. I did PUG the last story mission just to save myself some frustration and I’m glad I did because this is the only time in GW2 where motion sickness is a problem. The last fight in particular…. so much spinning. But yes, great update and I’m excited to see what’s coming next, since we got a sneak peak of the next story arc and I am so excited!