Humble Bundle Freedom

Again… another day where I’m going to mention a bit of news. I watch general game/book bundle sales around the internet with great interest, because it’s a cheap way to get things that you’re interested in. Recently, Humble Bundle (kind of the daddy of bundle sites) released a new bundle called the Freedom Bundle… which is frankly, insane. There are SO many games in there and even if you ignore the random books/music, this is a bundle that is completely worth the 30$ that they’re asking… plus all the of the proceedings go straight to charity. I will mention that the game that alot of people were excited about in there (Subnautica) is no longer available to newer buyers, but even without that game, it’s definitely worth. I would without a doubt check it out… for me, it was an easy purchase even though I said I wasn’t buying video games at all this year. Check it out and tomorrow we’ll be back to regular content!