Path of Exile Expansion Coming Soon

I don’t generally write posts on here about news items, but I wanted to mention that the new Path of Exile expansion has been announced. Why do I care you might ask? Well, first of all, I really like Path of Exile, even if I don’t get a chance to play it often in the stack of games that I play. However, the second reason is that this expansion is a big deal. If you’re unfamiliar with the current way it works, there are four acts in the game which you progress through until you finish, then the game moves you into a higher difficulty, but back into act 1 and you do it again. There are three difficulties to go through in this way and that’s the game. This new expansion however, removes the difficulty system and instead replaces it with six new acts. So yes, the next expansion will add more than double the content to the game. While it’s not going to be out until sometime in June/July, I can tell you what I”ll be playing as soon as it comes out. Also, again for those that aren’t well-informed on the issue, the game is a Diablo-like action RPG which is also free to play and is supported by micro-transactions which are largely cosmetic (you can also get more storage space). If you’re into the genre, you owe it to yourself to check this game out right now and learn some things so that you’re ready for the big expansion coming this summer!