SPACEPLAN and Incrementals That End

I recently finished SPACEPLANĀ and I was surprised to see it had an end. Now, I suppose on some level I was expecting it due to the emphasis on the story of the game, but it is so unheard of in this genre to have an end that I just didn’t think it was going to happen. I will say that the game left me feeling sad, not because of the story elements, but because I was not ready for it to be over. I found the story bits engaging and it was a very pleasant graphical experience. I am curious if people are going to try and move this idea forward in the future with more stories in their incremental games. Could someone make one that has randomly generated story so that you could keep going? A friend that was also playing it through with me asked if I was also getting everything potatoes. How neat would it be if that bit had been random and she and I had gotten different items to build? Mine could have been all potato related and hers could have been radishes, for example. Just some thoughts… should be interesting to see what people do with the concept this year. I certainly hope that theĀ SPACEPLAN dev decides to write another game this year… it was great fun!