Turn-Based Strategy And Revitalizing the Genre

I know that I said I was going to talk about Disgaea, and I will… but bear with me as we take a bit of a detour down a street filled with robots and feelings of “Firefly” nostalgia. I’ve started Steamworld Heist recently, as a fun little diversion from some of the more serious games that I’ve been playing, and it turns out that it’s quite fun. I’m a huge fan of turn based games, because I feel that is where strategy can really shine. However, Steamworld Heist has combined the normal TBS style of play with a shooting mechanic similar to something like ATanks where you have to manually aim your shot. It’s a small thing to change up and add, and I was surprised by just how much it feels good. There’s no more random misses based on dice rolls, only based on your incompetence when it comes to aiming. It started me thinking about the changes that developers can make (relatively small ones) that totally make a genre feel new and different. TBS has never felt as good in 2D as it has in Steamworld Heist with this combat mechanic. I’m looking forward to aiming my way through many more fights in the future, particularly with the great dialogue and snarky comments/robots that you’re fighting against/alongside/as.