Wishing You Could Play

Along the same lines as yesterday’s post about watching other people play games, is the concept of not being able to play a game due to your own skill level. There are a few games that fall in this category for me, including Starcraft 2Dark Souls, and others of the high skill variety. I’m also not great at Rocket League but I still play that one… and kinda push through me being bad. Lately I have realized that raiding in MMO’s falls into this category for me. Recently, in Guild Wars 2, a new raid came out with the latest Living Story update and I’ve been watching some of the content being played. Now, to be fair, I don’t think that playing at that skill required would be that difficult, there’s not that much going on there and it doesn’t rely on the complexities of GW2’s combat system like PvP in that game does. That said, between time requirements, gear requirements, and other food/utility buffs that I’d have to find, I haven’t been able to get into raiding. Also, since the game isn’t exactly easy to drop bosses, I think that trying to PUG (Pick Up Group, random versus a pre-defined guild/set of friends) would just frustrate me and lead to a non-fun gaming experience. I want to raid so badly… always have and love dungeon type content in these games… but I’ve never been able to break in. How often do these types of things crop up in your game experience?